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Its been about a week since the event and I finally have a chance to sit down and write a little something about it.  I have had the pleasure to be a part of this event for the last 3 years.  Each year has been even better than the year before.

The blind auction event is held every year at Grossinger City Autoplex on the second floor in the Chevy showroom.  Grossinger donates the space for the event.  It is a very challenging room to get even sound coverage due to its size, odd shape and pillars throughout the room.  To combat this, I strategically placed 4 powered speakers in areas where I felt they would cover the largest space  (two of them, which were over 150 feet from where I was to set up were linked to the sound system wirelessly.)  In most rooms, the corners would be the ideal place, but not in this situation.  If I could draw out a floor plan you might begin to understand.

After the sound check was done and I had everything dialed in, people began to file in.  The bar was open and they began to peruse the auction items.  Among those items was a gift certificate from GN Events for a 3 hour party!   Whitney Young has been a good client for years and I felt a contribution was in order.

Coach Billy Poole Harris was the MC for the evening.  One thing everyone knows about Billy is he is happiest when he has a microphone in his hand.  One by one the silent auction tables were closed.  People were complimenting me all night on my song choices.  Of course at the end everyone wanted to dance!  So a 80’s and 90’s dance set was in order with a few newer tracks mixed in for variety.  Whitney Young raised a ton of money for their sports programs and everybody had a great time.